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We raise the meats ourselves. The beef is grain-fed a minimum of 120 days before we take it to the butcher. We use Hampton Meats in Hopkinsville, which has a fully accredited, USDA-inspection rating.

The meats have been graded Choice to Prime every week. The beef is aged and cured 14 to 18 days and cut to owner, Steve Wadlington’s, specs. The hogs we buy are raised on the ground and grain-fed.

No steroids or antibiotics are used.

The pork sausage is an old family recipe, handed down by Steve’s father. Pork chops and more are available. We also offer lesser grades of meats (still high quality) that are more budget friendly. If it’s from the hog or cow, we’ll have it some way for you. We also carry Amish-raised chickens.

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